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What sort of vehicle do you need to deliver hot food?

This depends on a number of factors, not least of all your budget. Many food delivery drivers are students or other young people who don't have a lot of money to spend and so picking the right transport method may be something they have little or no choice about because of cost considerations. However, the options are:

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Scooter
  • Moped
  • Bicycle.

Apart from budget considerations, which one is best depends upon the type of area that you expect to be working in, the kind of food you are going to be carrying, and how much you need to earn.

Delivering fast food by car

This is far and away the most comfortable and safest means of transport for food deliveries. You also have more chance of keeping the food hot if it has to be kept in your car for a while because of distances or traffic conditions. However it is also the most expensive. Maintenance and running costs could eat into your budget considerably.

However, if you live in an area in which your customers are likely to be a fair distance from each other a car may be the most sensible option; driving along country lanes at night can be no problem on four wheels, a little more dangerous on a two wheeled powered vehicle but downright suicidal on a bicycle.

Delivering fast food by motorcycle, scooter or moped

These types of transport have great advantages if you live in a heavy traffic area since you can get through traffic jams far more quickly than someone in a car. Do bear in mind though that you will probably have to carry quite bulky loads, and although these could be carried in a back pack it would be far more comfortable for you if you had a purpose made food carrier attached to your vehicle. Foodstuffs such as pizzas, for instance, must be carried flat otherwise they could be ruined by the time they reach the customer, and so a large backpack would be necessary; otherwise you would not be able to carry food like this.

Delivering fast food by bicycle

This is of course far and away the cheapest way of travelling but if you were to use a bicycle for work for any length of time you would probably find it tiring, and you would not be able to complete as many deliveries (and of course earn as much money) as you could if you had motorised transport. You would also want to consider your own personal safety as well; cyclists, particularly at night, are at much greater risk of injury on the road than those in cars or even motorised two wheeled vehicles.

If, however, you lived in an inner city area with a high student population you may well find that many of your deliveries are very close together, in which case you would not have to travel very far between each job and so using a bicycle, or an e-bike, could make economic sense.

Many delivery people opt for a scooter with an attached storage box, which is big enough to hold a decent sised insulated food bag. These are fairly economical to buy and run, they can weave through traffic fairly easily, and you can practically take one right up to your customer's door. You can carry a decent load without the back problems that can come from having a backpack, and not least of all the insurance (yes, remember you will need specialist food delivery insurance) is a lot cheaper than it would be if you used a car for work. is a trading style of Prudent Plus Limited of Booths Hall, Booths Park, Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8GS.

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