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You're insured as a food delivery driver. Do you need extra insurance if you deliver non-food items, too?

If you're in the fast-food delivery job, you might have occasionally pondered whether your work-related insurance needs change when you also deliver non-food items. Understanding the scope of courier insurance and the legal requirements associated with it is essential for anyone engaged in this line of work, including new scooter riders. This guide will shed light on the complexities of courier insurance and answer this question for you.

What is Courier Insurance?

Courier insurance, also known as hire and reward insurance, is a type of car insurance specifically designed for those who use their vehicles to transport goods or passengers in return for payment. This kind of insurance is a legal requirement for anyone involved in this kind of work, irrespective of what they're delivering. Failing to have this type of insurance when you should can lead to severe penalties, such as hefty fines and even the loss of your driving privileges.

Does the Type of Goods I Deliver Matter?

The simple answer to this is typically yes. Courier insurance is required for the act of transporting goods for a fee, regardless of what those goods are, but insurers usually insist on knowing just what these goods are. Whether you're delivering pizzas, parcels, or paperwork, the same rules apply, in that you need to have adequate courier insurance to legally carry out your job.

So, Do I Need Separate Insurance for Non-Food Items?

Given that courier insurance is more about the service you're providing (i.e., delivering goods for a fee) rather than the specific items you're transporting, you often don't need separate courier insurance if you also deliver non-food items, but this depends on the exact wording of your policy. This means that you must ensure that your courier insurance policy doesn't have specific restrictions or exclusions. Some policies might have specific limitations, such as covering only food deliveries, so it's essential to thoroughly understand it.

How Do I Choose the Right Courier Insurance?

Choosing the right courier insurance depends on several factors. You need to consider the nature of your job, the type of goods you usually deliver, and the cost of the insurance. Since most fast food delivery drivers are self-employed individuals, it's important to find a policy that's not just legally compliant but also cost-effective. While it can be tempting to go for the most affordable option, you should ensure that the policy offers sufficient protection for your specific needs.

What If My Circumstances Change?

If your circumstances change, such as starting to deliver non-food items, it's essential to inform your insurer. This is because significant changes to your work could potentially affect your insurance risk profile. Failing to inform your insurer could result in your policy being invalidated, leaving you without the necessary legal protection and potentially facing severe penalties.

What Should I Do If I'm Unsure?

If you're unsure about whether your existing courier insurance covers you for delivering non-food items, the best course of action is to contact your insurer directly. They can provide you with accurate information about what your policy covers and whether you need to make any changes to ensure you're adequately protected. Remember, when it comes to insurance, it's always better to be safe than sorry.


As a fast-food delivery driver or a scooter rider, having the right insurance is not just legally necessary, but it also offers important financial protection. When it comes to delivering non-food items, most courier insurance policies should cover you without the need for a separate policy. However, it's important to check this with your insurer to make sure you're not at risk of being underinsured.

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