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Do Part-Time Fast Food Delivery Drivers Need Courier Insurance?

If you're a part-time fast food delivery driver or a scooter rider, you might wonder if you need courier insurance. The straightforward answer is yes. No matter how often or how little you use your vehicle for delivery purposes, courier insurance, commonly known as Hire and Reward insurance, is a legal requirement.

The frequency or the hours of your work do not influence the need for this insurance. Even if you only deliver food a few hours per week, you still need to be adequately insured for those hours you're on the job. Without appropriate insurance, you risk not only severe penalties but also significant financial implications if an accident happens while you're working.

Moreover, your regular car or scooter insurance policy won't cover any damage or accidents that occur during your delivery job. This detail is essential to understand because many part-time drivers mistakenly believe that their standard insurance policy is enough. Therefore, regardless of whether your delivery job is your main source of income or just a side gig, getting courier insurance is indispensable.

Can I get Top-Up Courier Insurance?

Yes, you can buy top-up courier insurance that becomes active only when you're on the job as a delivery driver. This form of insurance is sometimes referred to as pay-as-you-go or part-time courier insurance. This policy can be a valuable addition to your existing personal insurance, effectively bridging the gap between your personal cover and the needs of your delivery work.

Top-up courier insurance is designed to provide the necessary insurance cover for the periods you use your vehicle for delivery purposes. When you're not on delivery, your standard personal auto insurance policy covers you.

Do bear in mind though that your existing insurer must agree to you having this type of cover on top of the policy that they have issued to you; many will not.

Is Top-Up Courier Insurance Cost-Effective?

As to whether top-up courier insurance is cost-effective, the answer varies depending on individual circumstances. If you're a full-time delivery driver, a dedicated full-time courier insurance policy might be more economical. This is because the cost of continually topping up your insurance could become considerable with regular or daily use.

However, for part-time delivery drivers or those who only occasionally use their vehicle for deliveries, a top-up courier insurance policy can be a more budget-friendly choice. It provides flexibility to only pay for the cover you need when you're working. This way, you're not paying for courier insurance during times when your vehicle is only used for personal trips.

Finding the Right Balance

Ultimately, finding a cost-effective insurance solution requires balancing your work requirements with your personal usage. It's essential to accurately estimate the amount of time you use your vehicle for delivery work and compare the costs of top-up cover versus a full-time courier insurance policy.

What is Courier Insurance?

Courier insurance, also referred to as Hire and Reward insurance, is a specific form of insurance designed for individuals who use their vehicles to transport goods in return for payment. It covers accidents and damages that occur while you're using your vehicle for delivery work.

The requirement for courier insurance isn't an arbitrary rule, but a legal requirement designed to protect both the driver and the public. It ensures that if you're involved in an accident while delivering, you, your vehicle, and any third parties involved are covered.

The consequences of driving without proper courier insurance can be severe. Apart from the potential for hefty fines and penalty points on your driving licence, you could be disqualified from driving. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, the financial implications can be staggering. Hence, the importance of courier insurance cannot be overstated.

Choosing the Right Courier Insurance

Considering the legal requirement and potential risks, it's essential to choose the right courier insurance for your needs. There are a variety of sensibly priced, affordable, and value-for-money policies available. The key is to find one that fits your individual circumstances and offers the protection you need for your delivery job.

When evaluating different insurance policies, it's essential to bear in mind that the most economical option might not always be the best fit for you. While cost is a significant factor, particularly for part-time drivers, you also need to consider the extent of protection the policy provides. This ensures that you are legally compliant and adequately covered.


In conclusion, courier insurance is a legal requirement for anyone who uses their vehicle to deliver goods, regardless of whether they do so full-time or part-time. The implications of not having suitable insurance can be severe and costly. Therefore, if you are a part-time fast food delivery driver or scooter rider, it's imperative to ensure that you have appropriate courier insurance.

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