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As a fresh entrant in the world of fast-food delivery driving, or even a new scooter rider, you might be questioning the accessibility of courier insurance. Acquiring this kind of insurance is not only legally necessary but also provides financial protection, mitigating risks associated with your daily work. So, let's delve into the topic and unravel the possibilities for new drivers.

The Legal Necessity of Courier Insurance

Courier insurance, also known as hire and reward insurance, is a legal requirement for drivers delivering any goods in exchange for payment. Without this insurance, you could be at risk of serious penalties, including substantial fines and potential disqualification from driving. Therefore, obtaining courier insurance is not an option, but a must, regardless of your experience level on the road.

New Drivers and Courier Insurance

The fact that you're a new driver does not bar you from obtaining courier insurance. However, you should be aware that insurers tend to view new drivers as higher risk owing to their lack of driving experience. Consequently, your premiums might be higher compared to those of more seasoned drivers.

Reducing Your Insurance Premiums

While being a new driver may initially result in higher premiums, it's not a permanent predicament. Over time, as you accumulate no-claims years and gain experience, your premiums can reduce. Moreover, there are steps you can take to help lower your premiums early on. For instance, attending advanced driving courses could help you demonstrate to insurers that you're serious about driving safely, which might make you a less risky prospect.

Choosing Your Insurance

With the various options in the market, selecting the right insurance can feel daunting. It's essential to consider several factors, such as the extent of the insurance protection you need, the reputation of the insurer, and, of course, the cost. Ensure the policy you select offers sufficient protection for your requirements at a cost-effective price.

Considerations When Applying

When applying for courier insurance as a new driver, it's very important to be fully transparent with your insurer about your driving history and circumstances. Misleading information could result in a policy being invalidated, leaving you unprotected and at risk of legal penalties.


Being a new driver in the fast-food delivery arena does not exclude you from securing courier insurance. Although it may be costlier initially owing to perceived higher risk, the premiums can reduce as you gain experience and prove your competency on the roads.

Remember, courier insurance is legally necessary, providing you with critical protection as you undertake your daily deliveries. While it might seem like an added expense at first, the financial protection it offers can be invaluable if the unexpected occurs.

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